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Security Door Forming Hydraulic Press China
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19.05.2020, 01:53

Hydraulic press for metal door making
The press is used in drawing, bending, forming processes on security door.
Safety protection system
When slider stops at any position, the system will automatically close return oil chamber to promise the slider will not drop down; it is also called supporting system.
Double hands operating buttons: the allowed time is 0.5-1s.
Overloading protection: hydraulic system has safety valve. When oil pressure is over setting numbers, it will automatically overflow and send alarm information.
Slider locking device: automatically locking device is interlocked with motor electric. Slider locking is driven pneumatic.
Technical specifications
1Nominal forcekN30000
2Return forcekN435
3Opening heightmm600
4Slider strokemm500
5Working table sizeL-Rmm2500
6Slider speedIdle descendmm/s100~120
7Working medium
46 Antiwear hydraulic oil
8Working medium pressure
9Motor powerkW60
Eight columns
11Column diametermm≥215Security Door Forming Hydraulic Press China

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