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Barn Door price
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29.11.2019, 01:58

Barn Door
Barn Door Barn Door (hanging track door)
There is a generational changing in home design style through every year. New elements are involved and upgraded annually, such as the new favorite of home decoration barn door. It was initially originated in Europe & US and now being all the range. Barn door is commonly used in the barn of the farm, and now it is applied to home decoration.

Advantages of the ASICO barn door:
1. Artistic
2. Space-saving/fits the wall surface/
3. Suitable for all kinds of door opening
4. Low cost, the installation of the barn door is more economical than ordinary door; the barn door only needs a set of hardware and door panels to be combined and with the price of only few hundreds; the door panel can be customized accordingly

The most classic design of ASICO barn door is the square-shaped door panel, which is regenerated from the barn shape and retained the original style with dense natural scent. This is also the style that most families choose

The barn door also can be used and designed with clean and simple panel if you consider family’s overall style. It just needs simple coloring without other decoration. On the other side, it might monotonous from a failed design perspective.

If you consider the lighting problem, the barn door can be opened with holes glasses or directly modified the louvered shape with decoration function. The appearance of whole door opening design does not look so rigid. Besides, it ensures the lighting, practical and elegant.

Via special and proper drying treatment, wood material get the most ideal condition to be manufactured as barn doors. The barn doors which are manufactured from this treated material, will last long for usage with no twisting or cracking.
If you have special requirements for the surface treatment of the product, such as color, pattern, decoration, etc., you can directly communicate with our customer service.Barn Door price

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