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Automobile Clutch Assembly price
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08.08.2018, 05:09

Car clutch driven disc assembly
Zhiwei brand Car clutch driven disc assembly matching Mitsubishi engine
Product details
Zhiwei brand Car clutch driven disc assembly matching Mitsubishi engine, produced by Shenyang quancheng electromechanical casting co., LTD., specially developed for heavy trucks, apply to all car with Mitsubishi engine.  High strength metal driven plate is adopted to ensure high efficiency of transmission;high standard friction material,can keep the contact performance stable, wear-resisting, high temperature and long service life in harsh environment. That brings the comfort of driving.
1 Stability of structure
High quality alloy steel is selected, and the materials are strictly tested to ensure the high quality of materials and scientific manufacturing process, so as to ensure high quality in the production process. The strict inspection of finished products ensures the high quality of each finished product. The scientific production process ensures that the product structure is stabile and the quality is superior.
2 Reasonable price
The main core components are produced independently, reducing the procurement cost and ensuring the price is competitive.
3 Technology ensure
The excellent talent team ensures the technical superiority of the product.
4 Professional service
The pursuit of the century-old enterprise goal requires the enterprise to provide more professional services.Automobile Clutch Assembly price

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