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PU Mold factory - ae2900248cou - 13.08.2019

Our products are different from the old ones, which overcome the disadvantages of heavy objects, inconvenient to carry and use, easy to wear and easy to corrode. The biggest advantage of polyurethane plaster float is light weight, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, polyester resistance, moth resistance, low temperature resistance, etc. Polyester, fiberglass reinforced plastics and plastics have higher performance, and polyurethane plaster floatation is a good alternative to wood or iron-like products.
1. Light weight: good elasticity, good toughness, light and hard.
2. Fire protection: achieve no burning standard.
3. Waterproof: Not hygroscopic, impervious to water, mildewproof.
4. Anti-corrosion: anti-acid and alkali
5. Environmental protection: use polyester as raw material to avoid bulkiness
6. Easy to clean
7. OEM Service: We have hired a research and development center, advanced production lines, professional engineers and workers to serve you. We have also successfully established design partnerships with OEM customers. Due to the unique high load carrying capacity, high elasticity and wear resistance of our casters and wheels, we are widely used by many customers in the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and South America.
Our professional one-stop plastic mould custom service
1. Mold design services and images designed for our customers
2.Injection mold manufacturing, secondary injection mold, gas-assisted mold
3.Precision plastic molding: two-shot molding, precision plastic molding and gas-assisted molding
4.Secondary processing of plastics, such as silk printing, UV, PU coating, hot stamping, laser engraving, ultrasonic welding, electroplating, etc.PU Mold factory