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Full Version: China small hydrogen gas generator factory
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If you are interested in our high hydrogen gas generator, welcome to contact our suppliers for more information. Assisted by the most advanced hydrogen technology and the world's leading R&D team, our factory also offers the customized products made in China.
Basic Info
Model NO.: JS-0.3N/1N/2N/2NA/20NA.
Purpose: Gas Manufacturing
Application Fields: Chemical,Lab and Institute
Machine Size: Medium , Large
Purity: 99%-99.99%
Temp Point: 0-60 Degree
Trademark: JS POWER
Origin: Zhenjiang, China
Usage: Hydrogen gas
Noise Level: Ultra Low
Condition: New
H2 max Production Capacity: 2-20Nm3/H
Certificate: CE
Specification:CE,Special licence of manufacture certificate
Product Description
Hydrogen Gas generator
Our hydrogen gas generator uses hydrogen production powder to produce hydrogen gas and its purity
is very high colse to 99.99%.
1. It operates quickly, qualified Hydrogen can be made immediately.
2. The machine can fully automatic operate, without workers during the whole course
3. Pressure, purity, capacity can be made, to meet different customers needs.
4. Perfect structure, advanced procedure, stable&safety, low cost, lower consumptionChina small hydrogen gas generator factory